DMH Review: Offensive Combat

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Check it out!


❤ H3YD

DMH Review: Rawrysaurus

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So, we have quite a few reviews rolling in the editing stage, and here’s a quick one to start us off!

I had Xeno try out [url=]Whisper Games'[/url] Rawrysaurus

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DMH Live streams!

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So, if you missed it, DMH had a good 4+ hours of live stream of League of Legends.

Thats where it started… you can follow the channel from there to see the rest.


Overall, the stream didn’t work out as planned because you couldn’t really see the gameplay, but this is just a trial run really. So, what we’re really looking for from this is feedback. Let us know what your thoughts are aside from the video not showing the gameplay really.


More to come =)

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DMH Ride-Along with DeeJ

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S today I got a message from DeeJ, a Bungie employee that Bungie was ready to try a ride-along with DMH =)


I’m pumped, but we have a lot to get done! We need to get a finalized list of who’s attending, figure out what gametypes we’re playing (noof and lava pit a given), and I start my new class schedule next week, which is going to be insane with this lol.


Regardless, this should be a great time, as I’m already seeing members I haven’t played with in a while saying they’ll be able to make it ^_^


Screenshots and stuff will be had,  so be looking forward to that!

Game Nights n’ Stuff

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So recently we had a newer member set up a game night. Apersonthatwins ;D


It was definitely a good time even though we only had a few of us. Got some DMH Lava Pit, Noof Evolved, and Nascar in. Also a bit of matchmaking. Felt like old times, just with less people lol, definitely hoping to get these rolling on a regular basis again!


Other than that, Full Sail has been awesome. Been doing great in my classes, making some friends and checking out the clubs and attractions around. Did some kick-ass go-karts with a few buddies today. Going out with a few more tomorrow to a dubstep concert. Starting new classes on Monday. Can’t wait!

Got second in the regular race track, and first in the drift track ;D

Full Sail!

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Mind the gap.


My apologies for the lack of updates, I’m sure it seemed reminiscent of not too long ago, but don’t worry, I’m still here… well, here isn’t there anymore though =P


I finally got my ass down to Florida and started Full Sail University! I’ve been waiting for a while due to paperwork and such, but I got it all straightened out. So, I’ve been here for a week and done my orientation, and next week I start my regular classes. My schedule consists of an online class, which is supposed to take about 4 hours a day, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and I have lecture/lab on Monday and Wednesday that go from 9am-5pm. So 28 hours of class plus homework. At least from what I understand. We’ll see come next week =P


But, it has been a blast so far. Just hearing current students and listening to teachers, I can tell this school is going to suit me well.


Enough of that though, lets talk DMH. Currently sitting at 125 members, little activity. Looks like we aren’t gonna be able to pull shit together for a Ride-Along with Bungie unless some more people suddenly come back to life. To be expected with bnet being so dead due to Bungie still being dark though. I can’t wait to see it once they come back, I miss that lol.


I have a free weekend due to being in Florida now, and knowing only like 5-10 people around here currently, so I’m thinking it’d be cool to have a game-night and make a montage or a top-ten kind of thing… its been far too long! On a side note I’ve also been thinking about getting in on that DMH SWTOR =)… sounds like a good time.


So what are you all playing currently? I don’t know what to do with myself now that I beat Mass-Effect (loved the ending by the way, so suck it). Suggestions?

❤ H3YD


Currently listening to-

The cake is a guy.

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So bungie had a contest, which I made a submission for:


Well, DeeJ liked it apparently, and put it up to vote. So, if you would be so kind as to vote for “The cake is a guy”, I’d ❤ you forever n stuff =D


Get in there and vote!


❤ H3YD

Dubstep Kitteh

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I can’t stop watching this.


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O hai.

Well, this post is a little off the path around here, but I had to post it.

It was fairly nice out 2 days ago, which was a change of pace for Ohio, so I decided to go for a run. Got my zune charged up and downloaded an app on my phone to track my run so I could get a feel for my current pace, which I was expecting to be fairly crap-tastic due to the length of time its been since I’ve ran.

Well, I walked out to the end of my driveway, clicked start on the app and threw my phone in my pocket. Grabbed my Zune and played the smart DJ mix of I Remember by Deadmau5 (best afternoon running song EVAR btw). Started on my way, planning on a 4 mile run, and felt fairly good starting off so I was optimistic.

1 mile down the road just enjoying myself and my music, I saw an old-looking Husky, who made eye contact with my fairly fast-pace running past her house, and I immediately tried to look back to the road due to the menacing look she began giving me. Well that lasted all of 2 seconds before I looked back to confirm she was heading towards me, and was not on any kind of leash nor had a collar. So naturally I slowed down and held my hand out to let her know I wasn’t trying to outrun her. She came up really slow and cautiously sniffed my hand, then sort of wagged her tail, which was a relief to me.

After she seemed comfortable with me, I decided to start back on my run. The dog decided she was going to run directly beside me, at a slightly faster pace. So, I in turn decided to just keep pace with my new found friend, but when speeding up, she just sped up. After doing this for about a half mile, I decided to mess with her, and slowed way down. She slowed her pace as well, and once she was slowed down I decided to sprint past her (still have no idea who’s dog this is btw), and for about 3 seconds I stayed in front of her, then a bullet of gray and white flew past me and held that speed until she was a good distance ahead, then turned around, made eye contact with me, and took a crap.

I swear this dogs an asshole lol, and was purposely taunting me. Anyways I made the halfway point and turned around to run back home and the dog followed me all the way back to her house, to where she seemed worn out and just plopped back in her yard.

Next time its nice out I’m hoping that dog joins me again so I can take pictures haha.

Anyways after all that madness I got back home, eager to check my stats or whatever, with the exception of the dog stopping me, and I pull my phone out to see the app had timed my run, but had somehow not noticed I had gone anywhere, so it said I had a 48 min run of 0.0 miles >.>

The main thing was that dog though, I just had to type that all up, was too weird/funny the way everything happened =P

❤ H3YD

Halo 4

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Halo 4 Teaser

So, 343 finally decided to shed some more light on Halo 4. So what do we get from this video?

MC has a sleek new look, I’m liking it for sure. 343 is bringing the BR back, and it looks nice as well. We also get to see a few new helmets, the new warthog, and 2 multiplayer maps, Wraparound and Warhouse.

Frankie states “Most of the exploration we’ve done into the Master Chief has been done through other media… we wanted to put it squarley in the game this time”. I love hearing this. The story of Halo is what sets it so far apart from other shooters out there in my opinion. The campaign is night and day compared to CoD and BF, which are more of a one-time playthrough for the achievements.

After that, Josh Holmes mentions that there is going to be a new threat introduced to the MC that is much bigger than anything from the previous Halo games. I’m assuming this has something to do with the forerunner.

Then I heard exactly what I wanted to hear from Frankie: The multiplayer maps are NOT just chunks from the campaign. They are built up from scratch. Thank god! The maps they show look interesting. Very reach-esque from what I could see, which is just fine. I can already tell I’ll fall in love with Warhouse, and will despise Wraparound just from the few gameplay clips they show. Warhouse looks a lot like Powerhouse, which I would assume the names being similar is not a coincidence.

A very interesting thing that 343 is doing is adding some sort of back-story to the multiplayer. Giving a reason for the Red to fight the Blue. I’m curious as to what the story on Spartan IV’s will be, and 343 definitely has my attention with this little aspect.

Now, one thing I’m still very concerned about is the audio without Marty O’Donnell at the reigns. But, for the little bit of new audio that was previewed in the video, I really enjoyed it. The gunshots etc. sounded very different, but clean and crisp.

In a nutshell, this video was a nice little tease from 343, and a good boost in hope for their attempt to fill Bungie’s shoes. What I want now is a proper trailer on TV. I want the Halo 3 TV spot. If 343 can put out a trailer that is half as heart-pumping as this, I’ll be ecstatic, but only time will tell.

Best of luck 343, I hope to see you tending to this small flame you’ve lit for Halo 4, and slowly dripping more fuel on for your fans.

EDIT: After watching the video a few more times, I noticed another little interesting fact: The scoring system. If you watch the gameplay footage, the points are seemingly much more complex. In a single fight at one point a player goes from 379 to 399. I like the idea of it for sure, so long as its done right and cant be manipulated.

❤ H3YD